Tears Of Mortal Solitude (2002)

1. Autumn Elegy
2. Legend
3. Last Season Purity
4. Snowfall
5. Mel Kor
6. Whole
7. Black Swans
8. Winter Solstice
9. Steps Of Mankind

1. Autumn Elegy

I open Heart for my eyes to see
The skyline is so sad
This morning it finds me cry
With tears of uncrowned King...

2. Legend

All my doubts will vanish this night
With the arrival of the master of the Darkness and the Light
With the mournful wolves howl beneath the shadowy walls
Of the ancient citadel in time of the tolls
And the wanderers ride to be blessed by His Might
From the mouth of the Abyss where things have no names
And all creatures 're created of Dark Blood and Flames
Where the Sky and the Ground are united in one
And the Eternity once has begun

We are rising
The Darkest of Names
Eternal for those who's alive and forbidden for the Wretched Ones
We bring the Revelation of days
For the Souls going not
From nowhere to nowhere

Following the Wind Wizard Omin has reached
The Castle that stands in the Forest Bewitched
By Sonm - the Second Wanderer, He came from the Nord
And now's greeting lord Omin by rising his Sword
And they rode to the East being quicker than a beast
In the eerie mountains under shroud of the Frost
They have met Lord Anth - the Shepherd of Ghosts
And three demon-like wanderers moved to the valley
Where every Dark Soul gives the Oath to Unholy

Oh now and forever our choice is made
We swear by our Hearts and our blood on the Blade
The Land of the Silent Scarlet Dawn
Waits for us to be enthroned

I shall lead you to the Magic Forest
Deep underground in emerald caves
There is no daylight in there
And tunes of a flute
Are in grace with Darkness
There's no time at all...

3. Last Season Purity

(the old one) The moan... Who has remembered?
Who is still able to remember about how they did dream and yearn
Laugh and dance and then about how they were dying
To flow towards the stellar worlds beyond the horizons of mind
Where all our laws are nothing at all
Maybe to dwell forgotten maybe once to return...

(the young one) Dark are thy eyes and dark are soul of thine
What is it you know of them?
Reveal to me their stories...

(the old one) As deep as never before I feel them call to me
From the brightest blaze from place where all the paths come to the end
Misunderstood ones wished a Strange
Who've left this world when the world was changed

(And leaving they sing the spell joined their hands)
Embrace me with a winter blizzard
Give me the power of all the winds
In the serenity of the endless woods
Unite me with my shadow...

And once I came to know
What beauty is
But I've failed to behold
I was enblinded others were betongued
Beheaded left handless...
Sometimes I miss mirage - last thing I saw
The gray sullen sky and the golden forest
The incarnation of Last Season Purity
That's where my thoughts had found
Their eternal asylum...

Like sparks of the evening fire...
You will remember the only one
That rose most high
And burned most bright
And you will burn too
Your agony will be so horrid
But they'd hear you
The ones who need it
Let them hear...

Thy will be done...

4. Snowfall

Come and take me away Procession waits for ceremony
White hearse among the trees And endless line of black hoods
Nothing will break the solemnity First Gates are closed
Another opens for me to fall into oblivion... ... Mountains of the grief
Guards of my ethereal sleep I never thought how hard this road is
The road that I have been led to nowhere I have left this all to contemplate
the snowfall
To realize myself...

5. Mel Kor

Far away beyond the blackest ocean of blood on the boundless scope of lost
mainland of Nameless Horror under pale nebulas united in mysterious runes I've found the
thing I've been inspired. Night wind is bringing mournful sounds of bell, I count the
strikes - three times in six, someone's will thickens the mist for me to step the ground where all
the sacred burn. No beast, no bird, no even shade appears to sign the flow of time fang-shaped
towers of hollow torment stand embraced by crimson flames. And I am coming into this
palace I see the light I've never seen before, I am here to proselytize and stay forever
in this world of fire and ice. I smell the frosty of ghostly halls on the rising stairway to the
abandoned throne, and then saluting thee oh Winged One crowned with seven stars I hear "Kor me
o antie tae taeirny!". New souls have to be born despite the curse we have been blinded
for the long dark time in this realm of damned we are condemned to grief like gods of...
sorrow... I came to seek the wisdom no one have ever got through chills of times and
land I came to watch, yet here I dwell for winds of destiny persuade my mortal being to
stay forever with this beauty... And in the apogee of the great triumph surrounded by their
ugly spawn Heartless they'll find their logical end to disappear from life until the Time...
(... So the powers were gifted to him to rule sway the destinies
and to be the part of all alive...)

6. Whole

I know the word you've forgotten
And walks the roads you're frighten of
All my dreams were nonsense for you
I was broken by your emptiness
But now I dance with falling leaves whole again
And my laugh reaches the scarlet heaven
I leave you to dwell in your own created madness
And Winter Night embraces me to keep my visions clear
Wandering alone I'm free again in my destiny
And now I dance with falling snow whole again
I grieve of the Wisdom of Centuries you never will remember
Frozen minds... bred to be deaf to the ancient tunes...

7. Black Swans

Take me in the temple of the evening sun
Coming from there where's no life's remained
Only the glow reflecting in the eyes of phrentics
By the name of LEGION

In the imperishable area of heaths, woods and lakes
They've been cradled by
Is so perfect for magic marvelous dance
There is no place to be... And
Moonlight chaplet have faded out
No sound of their speech meets an ear

... And the rapture that I've been filled with hath turned into the
brilliant dew
To wash the blood off my face
When I came back
The dawn was so silver and so golden is the dusk upon the meadows
Splashed with poppies
Where I've lost myself looking for tomorrow...

One day like countless times in sleep
I'll come to the wall
That hides the abyss beyond...
To overcome it on the black wings my hands turn into
I'm the one who was gifted by his
Sable Majesty

And the spirit transfigures...

By the grace of your black astral world I have been bewitched
And now on my bended knees I am praying
"For Thine is the Kingdom"...

...I know they've died and turned into the Black Swans
To dance on the forest lake in silver mist and sorrowful grace...

8. Winter Solstice

A melody.
So charming beautiful and short
Picks wind to bind and sound so lonely
In the lowering sky among the clouds
The sky ships never knowing rest
My shadow, echo to remain... maybe...
In times no hands to join again
And paths will lay apart in sleep
So dreamless, filled with the ice wind
>From somewhere, wouldn't like to know
Just smile and watch the storm advent...

I am mortal on this ruthless day
Crashed by its steal jaws being downtrodden to his own trace
Faceless but still having my will
Though watching this eternal rain
At the edge now
Just to make a step
Down the road I'm meant to be on

So you thought "I can't fly"
And that appears to be so easy

Leave me, I've chosen
I take this day
With all its hate and despair
So lifeless, gray and exitless
The last day among the lost days
In this hell where I am the only lie
Forever lie like you are
Waiting for the sunrise
The step to the endless night

...Night's getting colder
So the day to come
Too solemn in its grief
The brightest one...

9. Steps Of Mankind (instr)


© copyright 2002-2003 | @deadhouse

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